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Less then two hours a day

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Q: How many hours a day should a child play video games?
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How many hours a day should a child be playing video games?

I heard that your child is only supposed to play video games or be on the computer 1 or 2 hours a day so i i let my children play on it for 2 hours:)

How many hours a week does the average child play video games?

3 hours a day

How many hours should a ten year old be playing video games?

A 10 year old child should be getting approximently about 2-4 hours of vidio game hours through out the door.

Should I play video games with my child?

There are many educational video games available that assist parents in stimulating a child's mind. It can help them developmentally.

How many hours per week do children game?

On average a child can spend 72 hours on video games a week

How many hours weekly should an 8 year old play video games?

16 hours

How long should children play video games a day?

1-3 hours

How long could a 14 year old child play video games daily?

It's the same for all ages and people, you should only have 2 hours of media a day.

How many hours of video games should a kid have?

Max an hour a day. Research is showing that the video games can change brain function and thinking processes.

Should children watch tv and play video games all day what does expert say?

There is no harm to your child from watching tv and playing video games. It is good to exercise but it could be harmful to the child to take them out of their comfort zone.

My child is 6 years old what do you suggest he should play for video games?

Kids nowadays love violent, horror, suspense, and shooting games. The type of games a six year old child should be playing is educational games like Rayman.

How long should a kid play video games weekly?

8-9 hours. If they do something wrong take away 1.5 hours