Why online games are addictive?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it mmy be addictive. not for u, only babies. you can

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Q: Why online games are addictive?
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What is your conclusion about playing online games?

It is addictive.

When was Addictive Games created?

Addictive Games was created in 1982.

Is YoVille addictive?

All games can be addictive if you enjoy them.

What is the website for addictive games?

What is the most addictive game?

computer games

Where can I find food cooking games online?

I have played some great cooking games on the Facebook website! They are challenging and addictive! There is two that I know of called Cafe World and Chef Ville! Have fun playing!!

How do you download Drag Racer V3?

Drag Racer 3 is an online game. It's not downloadable. However, it is on several websites such as Top Speed and Addictive Games for free.

What is a non addictive game for the ps3 that's fun?

Games that usually don't have online is the least addictive: Infamous, Infamous 2, Batman Arkham City, Batman Arkham Asylum, I think Dues Ex, and Little Big Planet Also sport and racing games such as: Need for Speed, Gran Turismo, or if you like football-Madden 12.

Is farmville addictive?

Yes, FarmVille is unbelievably addictive, but if that puts you off your stupid. Because FarmVille is the best game ever online! :-D

How are computer games different from board games?

the differences areon bored games you need a certain amount of people ( 2 - 4 players or so ) online games could have 1 to a Google ( a Google is - 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000- one hundred zeros )you need a computer ( duh )there is no setting up or waiting ( except for when it loads )online games are more fun ( in my opinion )( i hate this one ) online games are addictive so you'll be glued to the computer :(that's all i could think of- '(,'

Are computer games becoming too addictive?

Well ya they are.

What is the most addictive free to play mmorpg?

There really isn't an addictive FREE one, but if you try Pirates Online, or Toontown, I'm sure that you WILL get addictive into it, and you can get a free time, you just can't do all the fun stuff.