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lucario and suicune are the fastest Pokemon

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Q: Who is the fastest Pokemon of all time?
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Who is the fastest of all Pokemon?

deoxys speed form

Who is the the fastest bowler of all time?

Shoaib Akhtar is the fastest bowler of all time.

What is the fastest time for first hall of fame in Pokemon sapphire?

My time was 21:23:08.

What is the fastest Pokemon to hatch?

Deoxys in Speed Forme is the fastest of all Pokémon with a base Speed stat of 180. If you don't want to count Legendaries, then the second fastest of all Pokémon is Ninjask, with a base Speed of 160. Not even Mega Evolved Pokémon are as fast as those two.

What is the fastest time to beat pokemon black?

My friend beat it in under a week.

With ghost type Pokemon is the fastest?

Gengar is the fastest Ghost type pokemon.

Is Arcanine the fastest Pokemon?

Although it has a base 95 speed, which makes it a fast Pokemon, it's hardly the fastest Pokemon. The fastest Pokemon is Deoxys-S, which has a base speed of 180.

What is the fastest electric type Pokemon?

The fastest electric type pokemon is probably........... Jolteon

What is the fastest way to hatch an egg in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Play another game or try collected all pokemon (mewto)

Who is the fastest Pokémon in Pokémon soul silver?

Electrode is the fastest Pokemon there is followed by Jolteon then Aerodactyl. The fastest 2nd generation Pokemon is Crobat.

Who was the fastest filly Horse of all time?

ruffian,da and if you ask me she is also the fastest horse since the begining of time

Who is the fastest dragon type Pokemon?

Latias and Latios are the fastest Dragon-type Pokemon, with a base speed of 180.