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Play another game

or try collected all pokemon


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Q: What is the fastest way to hatch an egg in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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Can you hatch mew from egg in Pokemon LeafGreen?


How do you Hatch an egg in Pokemon LeafGreen?

There is certain number of steps you need to make to hatch an egg. But you need to have an egg in your team.

What is a bad egg in leafgreen?

Its a glitched up Pokemon egg whatever you do don't hatch it.

Fastest way to hatch Pokemon egg?

cheats or ride your bike around.

Fastest way to hatch a Pokemon egg?

get on youre bike and ride in circles

How do you get a magby with a margar and a Ditto in Pokemon LeafGreen?

If you breed magmar and ditto you will receive an egg hatch it to get magby.

How many steps to hatch Ivysaur in Pokemon LeafGreen?

It is impossible to hatch an Ivysaur from an egg; therefore, no amount on steps will make eggs hatch an Ivysaur. If you bred with a Venusaur or an Ivysaur correctly, then the egg would instead hatch Bulbasaur.

How many steps does it take to hatch an egg in Pokemon Leafgreen?

different eggs have different steps for hatching squirtles egg takes a long time to hatch because you cannot catch it whereas weedles egg will not take a long time to hatch because it is not a rare pokemon.

How do you make a Charmander egg hatch faster in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Put a Pokemon with flame body/magma armor in party and 500 steps

Pokemon firered and leafgreen how to hatch your egg from island 4?

keep it in your Pokemon party and walk around heaps. eggs hatch after you've done a certain amount of steps. it's a togepi!

What is the fastest way to hatch eggs in Pokemon HeartGold?

Use the Bicycle plus a Pokemon with Flame Body or Magma Armor as their ability. That will reduce the steps required to hatch an egg.

How many step for an egg to hatch in LeafGreen?