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lucario because fighting type is affective against electric type

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Q: Who is stronger lucario or electivire?
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What is stronger Lucario or luxray?


Rate my team swampert Lucario tortera Dragonite Charizard electivire?

a 9

How do you play bonecrusher on transformers ps2?

electivire infernape lucario salemance floatzel metagross

What is stronger luxray or electivire?

electrivire is stronger than luxray by 26 points

What is the best team to have on Pokemon Pearl?

my team is empoleon,heracross,garchomp,magmorter,electivire,and lucario and they are very beast

Who is stronger Lucario or zoroark?


I have a TORTERRA TOGEKISS HOUNDOOm Lucario Milotic should i add Dragonite Snorlax Blissey Electivire Tyranitar and should i change Lucario?

no if he is past level 60 or 50 he is very useful

List of level X poke'mon cards?

Snorlax,Charizard,Flygon,Raichu,Lucario,Infernape,Electivire,Porygon Z,Torterra,Empoleon,Mewtwo

Is lucario the strongest fighting type?

i would say yes for now but if there is any new pokemon it might be stronger than lucario.

Is this a good Pokemon diamond team Infernape Garchomp Crobat Lucario Milotic Gallade?

3 fighting pokemon is not the best option better pick an electric pokemon like electivire and a Dark/Ghost pokemon like weavile to replace lucario and gallade

Should I have an Electivire or Gengar in my Pokemon Platinum Party of Lucario Empoleon Venusaur Charizard and Garchomp?

electrive because venasaur and gengar are part poison, and electrive has better moveset.

Is blaziken or electivire stronger?

It depends on the situation electivire and blaziken can bolt learn ground type moves and fire type moves fighting types too blaziken can learn flying type moves and electivire can learn electric type moves so I'd say there pretty much even.