Who is luigi's best friend?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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luigi's best friend is Yoshi and Mario

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Q: Who is luigi's best friend?
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What is the name of luigis dinosaur friend?


Is luigis Manson on Wii?

No its for gamecube.

Where is luigis painting to get luigis key in super Mario 64 ds?

check the game guide on IGN...........its on the course Big Boo's Haunt :P

Where is marios paper in Luigis Mansion?

in the basment

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Will there be a Luigis Mansion 2?

Yes there will be a luigis mansion 2. Its called the elictric boogaloo

Where is the washer in luigis mansion?

probably in the laundry room

Who is waluige?

Wario's brother Luigis cousion and nemesis.

Who is baby luigis mom?

no its a girl named lola

Who is luigis girlfriend?

Daisy, i think :)