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poltergust 3000

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Q: What is luigis vacuum called inluigis mansion?
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In the game luigis mansion how do you make ghosts lose lifes?

when you see their heart, shine the flash light on them, then use the vacuum

How do you catch the big ghost in the dining room of luigis mansion?

You vacuum up one of the black ghosts, turning it into a ball that you can shoot with your vacuum. Shoot the ball at the purple ghost, who teleports around a lot, but stays near the edges of the stage. The ball will get stuck to the purple ghost. Now you can start vacuuming him. Repeat until you have depleted all of his health.

Are there Power ups for the vacuum block on Mario and luigis bowers inside story?

No. The vaccum block will stay the same for as long as you play the game

How do you beat bowser in luigis mansion?

Whenever Bowser shoots the giant spike balls, you suck them up with your poltergust 3000 (vacuum cleaner) and shoot them at bowser's head. Then King Boo comes out and you suck his hp out, and beware of Bowser shooting ice at you. Keep doing this and you will eventually beat him.

Why are vacuum flasks called vacuum flasks?

why are vacuum flasks called vacuum flask

Why aren't the twins in their room in luigi's mansion?

You have to use your vacuum to spin the fan until they come out.

Why are vacuum bottle called vacuum bottle?

Because it has a vacuum.

What is the fear of vacuum cleaners called?

vacuum-phobia or vacuum-cleaner-phobia

A place in which there is no matter is called an what?

No, there are trace amounts of gas and dust.

What happens there is no elements?

When there is nothing in a place, it's called a vacuum. Space is mostly vacuum.

What do you called a perfectly empty space?

a vacuum

What is it called when air is completely out of air?