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Q: What is luigis opposite in Super Mario?
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Is there a Mario game called super luigi?

mario is luigis bro

Super Mario slugglers dark forest?

silly! its Luigis mansion

Where is luigis painting to get luigis key in super Mario 64 ds?

check the game guide on IGN...........its on the course Big Boo's Haunt :P

How do you get luigis mansion for day in Mario super sluggers for the Wii?

you dont get luigi mansion in the day

What Mario games are coming out in 2011?

there is going to be a super Mario galaxy 3, a Mario kart that has monster trucks,luigis mansion 2,Mario and luigi:wario trouble, and the exciting one is super Mario xtreme

What is luigis last name?

its is Mario as in the super Mario brothers. hi um no its really not that would make no sense Hey im luigis #1 fan and you're wrong Luigis and Marios last name is Gonzales so it's Luigi Gonzales and Mario Gonzales have a nice day!

Is Super Mario galaxy on ds?

No. There are 4 Mario games on DS, New Super Mario Bros, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, and Super Mario 64 DS and Mario and luigi:bowsers inside story. there is also Mario vs donkey kong 1 and 2 + luigis mansion and some others (answer improved by MasterBallPlease:))

What is Mario and luigis full name?

Yamasaki? There names are Mario Mario and Luigi Mario.

How do you unlock Luigi's Mansion in Mario Super Sluggers?

You go to marios island and go to the piantas shop and purchas Luigis flashlight then you Luigis mansion will appear on the map but you can't enter it in the day time. you have to switch it to night to play on it.

Which is better luigis mansion 2 or Mario 3d land?

mario 3d land

Will Mario be saved in luigis mansion 2?

no one knows yet.

Is wario and waluigi Mario and luigi uncles?

No. They're more like Mario and luigis evil twins.