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there is going to be a super Mario galaxy 3, a Mario kart that has Monster Trucks,luigis mansion 2,Mario and luigi:wario trouble, and the exciting one is

Super Mario xtreme

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Q: What Mario games are coming out in 2011?
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What new Mario games are coming out 2011?

one is Mario sports mix

What kind of Mario games are coming to 2010 - 2011?

Mario is a super super guy 2

When is Mario sports mix coming out?

Mario Sports mix is coming out in Japan at November 24, 2010 in USA January 28, 2011 and the others are Febuary 4, 2011, 2011, 2011.

When is paper Mario coming to ds?

In 2011 for the 3DS.

Mario games for 2010 to 2011?

Super Mario Galaxy2

Are they coming out with a Mario and luigi partners in time 2?

No. That is it with that kind of Mario games.

What new Mario games are coming out for Wii?

As of June 2014, there are no new Mario games coming out for Wii. Nintendo is focusing their new releases on the Wii U.

When is super Mario 3d 3DS coming out?

The answer is nov. 2011

What cool Nintendo games are coming out?

-Mario Cart #.

How many Mario games were made in 2011?

so far there is Mario Sports Mix, Mario Kart 3DS, Paper Mario 3DS and Super Mario for 3DS. It is hard to say since there will possible and most likely more coming out this year especially for the 3DS

Is Mario and Luigi series part 4 coming out?

yes in 2011

Is paper Mario ds real?

ya its coming out in 2011 for the 3DS