Why are Mario games so famous?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Mario games are very fun. Mario games are known everywhere because they are great games that people love.

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Q: Why are Mario games so famous?
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Who is more famous in japan Mario or Homer Simpson?

Well the mario games are the most popular in japan so i would say mario

Who is more famous Mario or Usain Bolt?

Mario is definitely more famous. the explanation lies in the fact that Mario is a classic game. So naturally, kids back then (when the game had been created) are now adults and even kids now play Mario and they know the game very well. So, mario is not only famous among the adults of today who used to play the game as kids but also today's kids. But Usain Bolt is an athlete and kids generally don't fancy such real-life sports. They prefer digital games or video games. So, Mario is definitely more famous than Usain Bolt.

How did the Mario bros become so famous?

Originally (in our world) the Mario Bros. became famous by word mouth from people playing the arcade game, Mario Bros. in 1983. Then in 1985 Nintendo made Super Mario Bros. for the NES changing the world of video games for ever , and creating a foundation for for many games that would soon follow. Since the debut of the NES and the Game Boy, Mario and Luigi have become famous mainly from games on Nintendo home console and handheld systems.

Who is more famous Mario or Iron Man?

Mario, definitely, he has been around way longer and as far as I know, everyone loves him. People have made so many games with him in it. There five at most Iron Man games. I bet there's hundreds of Mario games out there. Hope I helped! :)

Who is more famous Mario or One Direction?

Mario is a classic so its obviouse mario wins

Who is more famous Mario or G I Joe?

Since G I Joe is a bit older and considering that Mario has many more games i would have to say that Mario is more famous then G I Joe.

Who is more famous Mario or ACDC?

Both things are very famous and hard to compare. ACDC was created in 1972 and is still being heard by countless fans. Mario was first seen in Donkey Kong in 1982. Mario has been seen in over 200 games and is still creating games that are great. They are both famous in two different categories but for me, I would say that Mario will be more famous.

Who is more famous Mario or Scooby-Doo?

Mario, Scooby-Doo is a dead character. Mario, however, is still in games, also, i bet you at least hum the Mario them song in the shower, or on long car trips. You just don't see people humming Scooby-Doo so, yeah, Mario is quite a bit more famous than Scooby.

Is piaysabel famous?

She is famous for being an expert of Clubpenguin, Most of Facebook's games, Plants vs. Zombies, Panfu, Poptropica, Neopets, Pixiehollow, Miniclip, Mario games, Simulator games and Mario games. She is inactive for some while now, but she promises to come back soon. She is first famous because of her site about Clubpenguin,

Is sonic going to have more games than Mario?

Most likely not. Sonic will definitely have a lot of games, but the Mario series comes out so often and is so popular and demanded, so the Mario series will have more games in my opinion. I think sonic has more games...But Mario is more popular cause people like the games more.

Who is more famous Mario or Bart Simpson?

I am going to say Mario, because children often either hear, or play his games, while you aren't supposed to see Bart Simpson until age 13. So you are more likely to know Mario more.

Who is more famous Mario or Eminem?

Mario as he's known on many games throughout the world while eminem is mainly just to Europe and America.