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The cannon is opened outside the castle, shoot to the roof there is three 1-ups, luigis rabbit, and a wing cap

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Q: What happens when you collect 150 stars on Super Mario 64 DS?
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Is Super Mario Sunshine similar to Super Mario Galaxy?

The only thing similar is that it is 3D and you collect things in super Mario sunshine you collect shine sprites but in super Mario galaxy you collect stars so it's kind of similar

How do you get to the third story in super Mario 64 ds?

Collect fifty Power Stars.

How do you beat Super Mario galaxy on Wii?

You have to collect 60 stars to get to the final Bowser fight then defeat him. And if you want you can collect 120 stars and unlock Luigi.

How do you get the sunbeam on super Mario 64 nintendo ds?

Collect 16 Stars, then it appears in the foyer.

How do you open the cannon in the courtyard of the castle on super Mario 64 ds?

Collect 120 stars

How do you get on top of the roof in Super Mario 64?

Collect all 120 stars and go to the cannon outside. If you are playing super Mario 64 ds get all 150 stars and go to the cannon outside.

How do you build the ship on Super Mario galaxy?

Simple! Collect all the grand stars. GOOD LUCK!

Why collect stars in Super Mario Brothers Wii?

because in world 9 you have to get them all to pass all the levels

How many stars does luigi collect in super Mario galaxy?

Just 3, including a green star at the Battlerock.

Where is the Grand Finale Galaxy on Super Mario Galaxy?

collect 120 stars with Mario AND Luigi, then go to the trial galaxy rock and go to the backside.

When did Super Mario All-Stars?

Super Mario All-Stars happened in 1993.

How do you finish Super Mario galaxy?

super Mario galaxy-you must collect a certain amount of stars to unlock some galaxies. there will be domes collect a grand star after defeating bowser or jr. in each dome to advance to the next dome. the last dome will be the final battle with bowser if you collect unoff stars for his final galaxy.once you defeat bowser you beat the game. super Mario galaxy 2-you must collect some stars to advance the Mario faceship further until you get to the bowser or jr.'s castle.In world three the final galaxy is the final battle with bowser.