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There is currently no Super Mario Galaxy 3. If you mean Super Mario Galaxy 2 there are 242 stars.

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Q: How many stars are in Mario galaxy3?
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Do they have Super Mario galaxy3?

Not yet Nintendo just recently made super Mario galaxy 2.

How many power stars are there in super Mario 64 ds?

There's 150 power stars in Super Mario 64 DS.

How many stars do you have to get in Mario 64 DS?

in Mario 64, you can only get about 280 stars. But if you have the r4 game card with the cheats, you can get 280 stars and find more.

How many stars are there in the Gusty Garden Galaxy on Super Mario Galaxy?

6 stars

How many power stars are there in super Mario galaxy 2?

122 power stars and 120 green stars.

How many power stars are in supper Mario galaxy2?

120 (242 if you count the Green Stars)

How many stars can be held in Mario star gauge?


How many stars do you need to get on the roof in super Mario 64ds?

any number of stars with luigi or all 150 stars

How many stars do you need to beat super Mario 64 ds?

Although there are 150 stars in total, you only need 80 stars (and Mario) to complete the game as this is the number of stars you need to get into the final Bowser level.

How many stars can you get on rosalina in super Mario kart?

Rosalina is not in Super Mario Kart. She is in Mario Kart Wii.

How do you get 80 stars on Mario 64 ds?

Complete many stages that are in the castle that are simple for you, then you'll get 80 stars.

When did Super Mario All-Stars?

Super Mario All-Stars happened in 1993.