Who is better Machop or Tyrouge?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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None of them are better it just matters how you train it

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Q: Who is better Machop or Tyrouge?
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Is machop or mankey better?

Mankey it has way better stats and is incredibly fast. On the other hand, Machop has a better move pool, but i would still use Mankey.

Which is a better Pokemon starting team Mareep Totadile machop growlith or cyndiquil phanphy poliwag and machop?

I'd say Mareep, Totadile, Machop, and Growlith.

Is machop better than makuhita?

in my opinion its how u wana use it. i like machop better, cuz it can eveolve into machamp. but look at the stats. machamp has better total stats and it has better defensive stats. and u can teach it better moves

You cant find tyrouge an you checked both places?

Tyrouge? Isn't that a Pokemon? If you are talking about the Pokemon, Tyrouge aren't that hard to find...

How can you get tyrouge in Pokemon FireRed?

Tyrouge is the preevolution of hitmonlee, hitmonchan and hitmonchan to get Tyrouge you need to breed one of those 3 Pokemon with ditto.

How do you catch tyrouge on SoulSilver?

You get Tyrouge by deafeting the Karate King in mount mortar.

What should you catch a machop or geodude?

Lol, either or. They both get to their final evolutions through trading but if you want to choose machop is probably the better choice.

How do you evolve tyrouge into hitmonchan?

Level up the tyrouge to lv.19,not 20. tyrouge evolves at lv.20 but his defense has to be higher than his attack. if tyrouge's defense is higher then level it up to level 20 and it will evolve into hitmonchan. its the opposite for hitmonlee.

Which is better tyrouge lavinitar cranidos?

larvitar. Even though tyrogues forms are pretty good when evolved, Larvitars is the best.

How do you get tyrouge in Pokemon FireRed?

Tyrouge can be obtained by breeding either an Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan or Hitmontop. Put a Ditto and either Hitmon pokemon in the four island daycare then hatch the egg you will recieve this will give you Tyrouge.

Does hitmontop evolve?

No hitmontop doesn't evolve.Hitmontop is the last evolution of tyrouge

What level does Tyrouge evolve?