Can you breed tyrogue

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No however if you get tyrouge to Lv 20 and evolve him/her you may try again at the daycare with a ditto and you will receive another tyrouge. :)

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Q: Can you breed tyrogue
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Where is tyrogue in soul silver?

Breed either hitmonchan or hitmonlee and you will receive an egg hatch it to get tyrogue.

What do you get if you breed hitmonlee with ditto on FireRed?


How do you breed a hitmonchan?

Use a ditto and hitmonchan to get tyrogue.

How do you breed Tyrouge in Pokemon?

In Pokemon diamond, pearl and platinum tyrogue himself cannot breed, however if you have a hitmontop, hitmonlee or hitmonchan you can get a tyrogue egg when bred with a ditto

What Pokemon can have an egg with tirouge?

Tyrogue is a baby Pokemon and therefore cannot breed.

When you evolve a tyrogue when does hitmpnlee evolve?

You cannot because, it is the final evolvtion. But if you want to evolve it back into Tyogue, Breed it.

How can you get a tyrogue in Pokemon leafgreen version?

breed hitmonlee or hitmonchan in four islandBreed hitmonchan or hitmonlee with a ditto in the daycare.

How do you get two tyrogue's in SoulSilver?

After receiving the first one, the process is relatively simple. You must get a ditto, since it can breed with all non-legendary Pokemon. Drop them off at the daycare. Eventually, they may sprout a Tyrogue.

How do you catch tyroge Pokemon LeafGreen?

In order to obtain a Tyrogue in FR/LG, you must breed a Hitmonchan/Hitmonlee with a Ditto or another Hitmonchan/Hitmonlee. Now, once you have the Tyrogue you can get a Hitmontop by leveling said Tyrogue up to level 20 and having its Attack and Defense stats be the same. Good luck.

Where and what are the places and methods to obtaining tyrogue in any Pokemon game?

Breed Hitmontop, Hitmonchan, or Hitmonlee with a Ditto and hatch the egg.

What type of Pokemon is Tyrogue?

Tyrogue is a Fighting type pokemon.

How do you get a tyrogue egg in platinum?

A tyrogue egg can not be obtained but you can capture a tyrogue with the poke radar on the Eterna City side of route 211