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Any Pokemon that can breed can breed with Ditto. However, certain Pokémon cannot breed. This includes 'legendary Pokémon' like Lugia or Uxie and 'baby Pokémon' such as Pichu or Tyrogue. Ditto cannot breed with another Ditto, and also the Pokemon Nidorina and Nidoqueen cannot breed. Muchlax is a baby, so you must evolve him into a Snorlax before it can breed with Ditto.

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Q: How come you cant breed a munchlax with a Ditto?
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Why can't you breed vaporeon with a Ditto on platinum?

Actually you can breed a Vaporeon with a Ditto. It will just take some time for an Egg to come out.

What will come out of the egg if you breed Empoleon and Ditto?

a piplup will come out at lv 1 its just like other Pokemon you breed with ditto so its pretty cool i have 10 charizards

How do you get a smoochum in emerald?

Get a jynx from Pokemon firered or leafgreen then put it in the daycare with a ditto and wait when you come back you can get an egg and when it hatches its smoochum. You can't catch smoochum you need to breed a jynx with a ditto to get it. Breed two jinx (leave in daycare)

If you breed a Raichu with a Ditto will it come out as Pikachu?

No. When it hatches from the egg it will be a Pichu. Then you can evolve the Pichu though friendship it will become a Pikachu.

How come in the Deyoxys movie Mays Munchlax evolved to Snorlax then after the deyoxys movie the Lucario move came out and Munchlax was not evolved?

It wasn't May's Munchlax that evolved.

Where can you breed Pokémon in Pokémon Fire Red?

go to day care center in 4 island with a ditto and the Pokemon you want to read. YOU CAN NOT BREED LEGENDARY POKEMON. Talk to the old lady in the day care center and give her the ditto and the Pokemon you want to breed. come back later and then talk to the old man sitting outside by the day care fence. he will give you an egg. if you leave the ditto or the Pokemon you wanted to breed with the day care, you will keep getting eggs. GENDER DOES NOT MATTER!!!

How do you make treecko egg?

You cannot breed a treecko unfortunately but you can get a treeko from professor Birch in the beginning of the game

How do you catch a munchlax in Pokemon Diamond?

smother a sweet tree with lots of honey and pray for a munchlax to come... if God decides a munchlax can be there, it will. God controls randomness in video games.

How come your two heatran don't like each other on Diamond?

you cant breed them

Pokemon platinum where do you find munchlax?

You can slather some honey on a tree and it might come. (Munchlax is very rare though)

Where Can You Capture Munchlax In Pokemon Platinum?

To get a munchlax you have to slather a tree with honey and wait 8 hours then come back.If you find a munchlax you have a .91 chance to get another if you use the same tree again

Where does the name Munchlax come from?

Munch for munch, and lax for relax.