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I think it is Cloudy. Or Someone from old l2signs clan Parafryzers or HolyGuards.

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Q: Who is best lineage 2 player of all the time on private servers?
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Do you have to pay to play on private server in WoW?

No, you do not have to pay to go on World of Warcraft private servers. But if you want to Donate money to your private server developers you can and in most private servers donating gives you the best gear you can get. I recomend going on WoWlegacy private server or WoWBeez private server, they are both very good private servers for PvE and PvP.

Patch 3.3.5 best wow private server?

Private servers are not officially supported, since they are pirated copies of the official servers. It is not permitted on to provide information about performing illegal activities.

Where might one find information about Maplestory private servers?

Many websites have information about private servers for the online game "Maplestory." Some of the best websites for this information are Yahoo! Voices, Extalia, and GTop.

What are the commands for a RuneScape private servers?

quesios like these you are best look on runescape private server sites like moparscape or dodian.

Are only the private servers on wow free?

Yes, playing on a private server is mostly free. Some servers offer donor-specific items, but you can still get the blizzlike experience for free. I recommend Eternal-WoW, it is one of, if not the best private server out there.

What is the best wow private server?

Private servers in WoW are servers that are not connected to the official servers in any way. They basically are hacked copies of the WoW servers. Do not support them. - I support the private servers, first of all they are free, second of all they are different than the actual game and have different rules, monsters, and areas, third of all they all aren't copies. I support the private servers. - 1. Yes, they are free. But you do not have the quality GM's that the official servers have. GM's on private servers are not bound by any rules. they do what they want when they want. 2. you might have different models or what not, but if they are not the same as the official servers, then you are not playing the game. 3. If you are not connected with the official servers, they ARE copies.

What is the best v62 Maplestory private server?

BooMS - Certainly one of my favourite servers.

What is the best most updated frequent players and have their own client on MoparScape?

RuneScape private servers have alot of players that might lie about their name but the most known private servers owners is Miss silab soft Moparscape Owned_pl0xs Gnarly Drowning

Best Lineage2 private server player?

DVP from Teon is the best

High rates and fun Maplestory private servers?

I think Extalia would be the perfect server. The rates are very close to the real Maplestory server, so you still have the fun of leveling up and earning mesos. It's one of the best private servers out there, so you can already assume that there's a lot of online people there.

What are the customs codes for 317 RuneScape private servers?

Custom codes will differ from server to server. Your best option is to consult the forums, other players, or in-game guides.

What is the best class on lineage 2?

Shilien Knight