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Well, I like Dawn because she is nice, supportive, strong, pretty, and awesome with her friends and Pokemon.

Dawn's Pokemon: Piplup, Buneary, Mamoswine, Pachirisu, Cyndaquill, and Togekiss!

May is good too! Her Pokemon (Kanto): Venausaur, Warturtle, and Evee.

Hoenn: Blaziken, Beautifly, and Skitty

Sinnoh: Munchlax and Glaceon

Misty is good too! Her Pokemon: Kanto: Gyardos, Pshyduck, Starme, Horsea, Goldeen, and Poliwhirl.

Johto: Tojetic, Politoed, Corsola

Hoenn: Luvdisc and Marill ( the evelution before marill)

Leave comments, who do you like the best

Misty, she was with Ash first!

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Q: Who do you like Better in Pokemon Misty or May or Dawn?
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Does ash ketchum and misty may dawn kiss in 1 episode of Pokemon?

misty does like ash but no one in Pokemon

Who does ash like more misty or dawn?

it depends if you like misty or dawn (it could be anyone of them)

Does tracey like misty from Pokemon?

yes tracey likes misty

Does ash like may back in Pokemon?

Yes,because they are the best Pokemon couple ever.If anyone dissargres they will have to face me. LOVE, dth Well, I think Ash likes Misty better BUT he still likes May... Well its hard to chose from misty and may but ash likes may. i nevered like misty. u can tell if u watch Pokemon ALOT! Firewire here....... Hey, there's Dawn, too! I think Ash is cheating on May and Misty and then he gets down with all three. and pikachu hates his guts Yeah well i kinda agree with Firewire because their IS dawn in all that mess and Misty and May are also in it so y don't you ask the creators of Pokemon and tjem they will tell u no in the new episodes dawn likes ash and ash likes dawn i saw a video of them kissing Hi this is talal i absolutely agree, ash belongs with may i say drew is stupid i never liked drew in the first place if you watched the Pokemon movie Pokemon ranger and the temple of the sea they show that ash tries to protect may and she cares about him and ash cares for may ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- People, I think Ash thought of Dawn and May as sisters, but there are a few hints that Ash likes them. BUT it's obvious Ash has the bigger crush on Misty. I think the Pokémon creators are trying to keep Misty in memory. So, like I said, Ash may have a small crush on May, but I still think he likes Misty the most.

Who does dawn hate misty or ash?

Dawn hates Misty because Dawn know that Misty likes Ash. And it is abusse that Ash has a crush on dawn and dawn has Crush on Ash. Belive in the saying "you always hurt the ones you love" the people they met always say that to Dawn and Ash. And also belive in the saying "Love is the one who are always with you even if youre love is far away from you" that's true because it is in the Pokemon dawn and Ash story.Dawn and Ash story is like the song "You Belong With Me" try to understand that song and you will know the truth.

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Does ash ketchum and misty may dawn kiss in 1 episode of Pokemon?

misty does like ash but no one in Pokemon

Who do you think is Better in Pokemon Misty or May or Dawn?

One opinion behind Misty, May or Dawn being better is the first opinion is that Misty is better because her personality in the anime can be very complex at times since she can be very nice to her friends but will then quickly change moods in a short amount of time particularly anger. She is quite proficient in anything having to do with water as can be seen in certain episodes where she has ability in fishing, swimming, and overall water Pokemon training.

I think ash and misty are a better couple dont you?

it depends if people like misty may or dawn

Who does ash like more misty or dawn?

it depends if you like misty or dawn (it could be anyone of them)

What's the girl's name that looks like dawn but is from an older Pokemon game?

Misty? i realized that it was red

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl dose Dawn like Ash?

YES!they are only friend but i know that they will be couplesNo, Dawn may like Ash, but Ash likes Misty!

What happend to misty of pokemon?

I guess they just took her out of it, they ended up replacing characters with people like dawn

Whothe perfect couple for ash may dawn or misty?

may or dawn...just not mistyya misty and ash fight alot and misty just does NOT look good with him. :P i like both may and dawn but i would have to say dawn looks better with him and seems better with him bcuz there friendship is so tight... he never high fived may lol :)well i think so. they fight to hide the fac they like each other.

Who do you like the most Dawn or May or Misty?


Does misty may and dawn like ash?


Do most people like may dawn or misty to be with ash?

Misty and Ash were always meant to be and Dawn and May are whiney, girly, little babies. Misty ♥ Ash forever.

Does ash like may or misty?

its only misty noot may or dawn only misty.