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Main Characters:

Batman (Obviously)

Harley Quinn

The Joker



The Riddler


Talia Al Ghul

Ra's Al Ghul


Killer Croc

Poison Ivy

The Penguin

Two Face

Victor Zsasz

Mr Freeze

And that's about it :)

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Q: Who are all the characters in batman arkham city?
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Is there a batman arkham asylum 3 coming out?

so far all we know is that arkham city is comming out(BAA 2)

What is protocol 10 in batman arkham city?

Its a missile attack on Arkham city with choppers to destroy and kill all the inmates which is launched by Dr. Hugo Strange.

What happens if you get all riddler trohpies in batman arkham city?

You unlock the Riddlers' hideout.

Is there a batcave in batman arkham city?

You get all of your weapons and gadgets from Alfred via intercom at certain points in the game, and from other characters. But the Batcave exists in the Harley's Revenge DLC.

Is The joker in arkham city yes or no?

Hey, I've seen all the trailers of arkham city and I'm a huge fan of batman. In every trailer, there is the joker so......... Im pretty sure he is :)

What are all the suits in batman arkham city?

There is a Batman Beyond suit, a 1970's Batman, Batman Inc., Year one Batman, Earth One Batman, Batman The animated series (TAS), Sinestro Corps Batman, And The Dark Knight Returns Batman

What game is Better Super Paper Mario or Batman Arkham City?

It's Super Paper Mario Not Batman at all now that is the worst Game series ever!

What are the playable characters in batman arkham city?

Batman obviously. With all new purchases of the game, Catwoman will be included by way of free downloadable content (DLC). In November, Nightwing and Robin will be available in separate DLC for use in the challenge modes. Only Batman and Catwoman will be playable in the single-player story mode.

Will the collectors edition of Batman Arkham City come with a game case?

Yes. All the items will come in a box, the disk will be in a game case.

Do you have to play batman arkham asylum before arkham city?

Not necessarily, I certainly would recommend playing Arkham Asylum first as their are pieces of the story that also tie into the sequel,but on the same token everything that happens inside of Arkham City is also stand alone so you could jump straight into the sequel without much confusion. Even if you are familiar with the Batman Mythos there are a few examples of brand new characters being introduced within Arkham Asylum. All in All if you are debating about playing both simply play both. I'd recommend playing in chronological order but is playing them in order a necessity,no you can play in any order and not risk much confusion or much spoilers to the previous game other than its ending.

Who loves Batman beyond?

Everybody should like batman beyond. He's is awesome! First of all his costume. How he glides. His gadgets. They are all so COOL! that is why I like batman beyond and did you know that there is this download for arkham city. That like gives you 7 playable costumes including the batman beyond's costume.

Can you play as Robin for free on Batman Arkham City?

Depends playstation network 30 bucks store 50.00 plus tax with all dlc in stores