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you can buy or download The Nightwing Bundle on Xbox live or wait for Harley Quinn's Revenge to come out as it includes Nightwing,Robin,Catwoman, all skins & all challenge maps

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Q: How do you get night wing in batman arkham city?
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How do you get night wing on Lego Batman?

on the game go to villain side (arkham) go to the computer that's a store and buy from the characters section

How do you unlock night wing on Lego batman 2 wii?

is ther a cheat code to get night wing

What is Batman's sidekick final evolving stage?

night wing

What the pas word for night wing Lego batman 2?


Who is night wing?

Robin, after batman dies or batman and Robin depart .Note that Robin is only called Nightwing in the future or later present. JOKER RULES.

How do you unlock night wing in Lego batman 2 using a cheat code?

just ask someone online

Who are the new superheroes in LEGO batman 2?

The new superheroes in Lego batman 2 dc superheroes include Lego batman, robin, superman, green lantern, wonderwoman, and others, most likely including bat woman and night wing .

Who is Superman paired with?

No one,but sometimes he works with batman or the justice league. But if u were asking about batman it would be robin but first it was night wing. He's paired with super girl & his super dog name kryptoe.

Can Batman beat night wing?

Batman can beat anyone if he had enough prep time, nightwing would give him a good challenge though, since he's almost on par with his old mentor in every way.

What is the ISBN of The Wing of Night?

The ISBN of The Wing of Night is 0670893234.

When was The Wing of Night created?

The Wing of Night was created in 2005.

Is batman secretly in love with robin?

They have something of a history together.