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Question doesn't make much sense.

All consoles have there ups and downs. The Nintendo consoles are not the best graphic systems but are really fun to play. The PS3 and Xbox 360 tries to beat each other in graphics and performance, none isnt better than the other.

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Q: Which xbox360 system is better than another?
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Is a ps2 better than xbox360?

HELLLLLLLLLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ NO! A PS2 is much cheaper than an Xbox360, but other than that, an Xbox360 is probably better. xbox360 has better games

Is xbox better than xbox360?

no!! xbox360 is much better

Is a PS3 console better than a XBOX360 console?

In my opinion, xbox360 is better, but it is just my opinion.

Is xbox360 better than ps3?

xbox360 has way better games, better graphics, more excitement, and is better looking so buy 360 i agree

Why is wii better than xbox360?

It isn't better than the XBOX 360 in my opinion.

Is the xbox720 better than the xbox360?

yes twice as good

Is a ps3 more graffic than a xbox360?

ps3 has better graphics than xbox

Is a PS3 better than a Xbox360?

no. xbox 360 is better than PS 3.but i think PS 4 will be the best

What is the difference between the XBOX360 arcade and the regular XBOX360?

the regular 360 console has a biggerhard rive than the arcade it also looks better!

Does Black Ops on PC have better graphics than on Xbox360?

Yes because a PC had a better graphics card than an xbox 360

Why is the PS3 better than the xbox360?

Ps3 is crap xbox win

What game system does everyone like the most xbox360 or wii or playstation 3?

The Wii was sold more units than the XBOX360 and PS3 combined.