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Q: Which trainer has finneon on diamond?
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Which trainer has an evolved form of finneon on Pokemon diamond?

When you surf up to Sunny shore city, there will be fishermen trainers. The first trainer you see will have a Lumineon at level 38, the evolved form of Finneon.

Where do you find a trainer with finneon on Pokemon diamond?

There are some fishermen on the edge of the route that leads to sunnyshore. The second one closest to where you entered the route has finneon. He has 4 Pokemon magikarp, finneon, remoraid, and gyradose. all near level 40

What is finneon's evolution?

In Pokemon diamond, Pearl and Platinum you can see the evolved form of Finneon, Lumineon, on Route 223 in a trainer battle. The trainer who has a Lumineon is called Miranda. In Pokemon Platinum the trainer Cassandra also has a Lumineon.

What trainer has a finneon in Pokemon diamond?

let me guess you need to complete your pokedex.... you can find fineon with a good rod on route 218

How do you evolve finneon in Pokemon diamond really quick?

do lots of trainer battles but make sure your Finneon is first in your party. do lots of trainer battles and as soon as you battle them switch to a tougher Pokemon and make it beat the trainers Pokemon your Finneon and tougher Pokemon will both get lots of exp which will level it up quicker and evolve it quicker it'll help if your tougher Pokemon and Finneon is holding an exp share hope this helped!

Where do you catch a trainer with a finneon?

on route 223

Where do you get Linneon in Pokemon Diamond?

you cant catch a lumineon in diamond you have to evolve a finneon if you just want to see a lumineon a trainer just above sunyshore city

What comes after finneon in Pokemon Diamond?

lumineon (evolded form of finneon)

What are the Pokemon numbers 134 and 135 in Pokemon diamond?

The Pokemon are Finneon and lumineon. Here is how to see them/catch them. Finneon: You can catch a finneon easily with a good rod in the water at the valley windworks. Lumineon:There is a female trainer in the water on the way to victory road that has a Lumineon if you battle her! ************************************************************************* Hope this helped...

How do you get Finneon in pokemon diamond?

You can get finneon in many routes by using the good rod :)

What is the evolve form of Finneon in Pokemon Diamond?

The evolved form of Finneon is Lumineon.

What trainer has finneon in Pokemon platinum?

I don't think there is a Trainer with a Finneon, but there is a trainer with a Lumineon somewhere. You can find a Finneon on Route 205 South, Route 218, Route 219, Route 220, Route 221, Canalave City, the Valley Windworks, and the Fuego Ironworks. You can also find a Finneon in Iron Island if you fish with the Good Rod.