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I don't think there is a Trainer with a Finneon, but there is a trainer with a Lumineon somewhere.

You can find a Finneon on Route 205 South, Route 218, Route 219, Route 220, Route 221, Canalave City, the Valley Windworks, and the Fuego Ironworks.

You can also find a Finneon in Iron Island if you fish with the Good Rod.

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There is fisherman who has finneon on route 222 3rd fisherman and he also has feebas

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Q: What trainer has finneon in Pokemon platinum?
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Where do you find a trainer with finneon on Pokemon platinum?

Route 222 or 224.

Where do you find the Pokemon finneon in Pokemon platinum?

You can't catch it but you can see it. A trainer south of victory road has it.

What is finneon's evolution?

In Pokemon diamond, Pearl and Platinum you can see the evolved form of Finneon, Lumineon, on Route 223 in a trainer battle. The trainer who has a Lumineon is called Miranda. In Pokemon Platinum the trainer Cassandra also has a Lumineon.

When does finneon evolve in Pokemon platinum?

Finneon will evolve into Luminneon at level 31.

Where in Pokemon platinum can you see the evolved form of finneon?

You have to get a finneon,and evolve it yourself

Which trainer has a finneon in Pokemon platinum?

The only one I can remember is a female swimmer on route 220. You can usually find lots with the Good Rod though.

What is no 134 in the shinno pokedex in Pokemon platinum?

It is finneon!

Where do you find the Pokemon finneon on Pokemon platinum?

route 218 (good rod)

How do you get a Finneon to evolve in Pokemon Platinum?

you raise it to level 31

How do you evolve finneon on Pokemon platinum?

it evolves at level 20

What level does finneon evolve in Pokemon platinum?

Level 30.

Where is there a trainer in Pokemon Platinum with the Pokemon bagon?

Sorry but there isn't a trainer with a bagon in platinum.