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PlayStation 3

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Q: Which system has better grafics PlayStation 3 or xbox 360?
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What is funner a ps3 or Xbox 360?

for the playstation, the grafics are a little better and there are many good games. It also has a blueray player for the x box, more people that i know have it. There are some games that are only for the xbox.

Which has better grafics ps3 or xbox 360?

Definitely the play station 3

Which has better grahics ps3 or the xbox 360 elite?

ps3 has better grafics than any other gaming console

What is better Xbox or playstaion?

Xbox is way better the playstation. GO XBOX

Is a Xbox360 better than an reaguler Xbox?

yes it has more games and much better grafics. xbox is realy old i dont even think they make them any more

Is XBOX better or PlayStation?

xbox is good but the playstation is better in ways to me network is free and xbox live is $50 dollars a year has rrod and playstation doesn't copied playstation with the slim has 4 gens and xbox only has 2 gens 5.and finally playstation has blu ray and DVD p.s xbox halo rocks!

Would it be better to buy games on the PlayStation 2 or the original Xbox?

playstation 2 is better

Which one is better, Xbox or PlayStation?


Is playstation3 better than xbox360?

obviosly playstation is better than xbox because xbox are cheaply made playstations has better games, graphics, and everything playstation is just better

What is better xbox 720 or a playstation 4?

The PS4 because there is no xbox 720

Does a Xbox360 have better graphics or a Playstation 3?


Xbox vs playstation 2?

Ps2 was better than the first xbox, if its xbox 360 your talking about thats better than it