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PS3 is way better than a Xbox and many people feel it is better than a Xbox 360

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Q: What is better x-box or Playstation 3?
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Which system has better grafics PlayStation 3 or xbox 360?

PlayStation 3

Does a Xbox360 have better graphics or a Playstation 3?


Is XBOX better or PlayStation?

xbox is good but the playstation is better in ways to me network is free and xbox live is $50 dollars a year has rrod and playstation doesn't copied playstation with the slim has 4 gens and xbox only has 2 gens 5.and finally playstation has blu ray and DVD p.s xbox halo rocks!

Is it good to buy a PlayStation 3?

yes better then xbox

What is better a ps3 or a xbox 360 peoples votes?

PlayStation 3

What is better Xbox or playstaion?

Xbox is way better the playstation. GO XBOX

What is better a PlayStation 3 or X-box 360?

playstation 3 has free online but xbox 360 has no lag so you decide

What is nba 2k10 better on xbox 360 or ps3?

Playstation 3 Duhhh

What is better plastation 3 or xbox 360?

a playstation 3 because you dont have to pay for online and it has more games and better graffics and xbox 360 is for cool people

What graphics are better playstation 3 or xbox 360?

PS3 Definitely... But sometimes the XBox 360 with certain games like Halo 3

Would it be better to buy games on the PlayStation 2 or the original Xbox?

playstation 2 is better

Which one is better, Xbox or PlayStation?