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Well the moshlings are:


Mission 1: Ladygoogoo

Mission 2: Wurley

Mission 3: Plinky

Mission 4: Cherry Bomb

Mission 5: Holga

Mission 6: Penny

Mission 7: Tiamo

Mission 8: Gabby

Mission 9: Tomba

Mission 10: Super weapon showdown


Mission 1:Cocoloco

Mission 2: Rofl

Mission 3: Wooly

Mission 4: Pocito

Mission 5: Tingaling

Add me on moshi monsters my name is sammilebeg

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Q: Which moshlings can you get by missions?
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What moshlings do you get in moshi missions series 2?

the 2 moshlings are coocoloco,androlf

Can you get all the moshlings from a combination?

No. You have to attract the moshlings one at a time. Or, if you are a paid Moshi Member, you can get moshlings by completing Super Moshi Missions.

How do you get moshlinngs?

you get moshlings by planting them or doing the missions add me ; maisie112394

What moshling do you get from missions?

you can get Penny and Tiamoand Tomba and lots lots more moshlings on all themoshi missions oh if you play the new season two missions on the first two you get Coco Loco and the Teeth moshlings BUT you have to be a member to do moshimissions sorry!

How do you get moshlings on moshi?

You get them by planting seed combinations and completing missions(if ur a member).

Do you have to be a member to do missions on moshi monsters?

yes you have to be a moshi member to do missions and get moshlings such as cherry bomb and lady goo goo and others

What are ultra rare moshlings?

ultra rare moshlings are moshlings that are really hard to get. Some ultra rare moshlings are rewarded to you when you complete missions. Others like gurgle are just planting seeds but to get some you have to be a member so that you can access the super seeds cart

What can you do to get all the moshlings in your moshling zoo?

Keep planting seeds and attracting moshlings to your Moshling Garden. Complete all the Super Moshi Missions. Make the required purchases for certain moshlings such as Blingo, Dustbin Beaver, and Nipper.

How can you get moshlings without planting them?

the only way is to get a member ship and be a super moshi and complete missions

How do you get moshlings without planting seeds but using plants?

On Moshi Monsters, the only way to get moshlings by using plants is to plant seeds. If you are a paid Moshi Member, you can also get moshlings by completing Super Moshi Missions or by hatching eggs that are found on Main Street.

What store do you go to get a moshi monster pet?

In the Moshi Monsters game, you can not get moshlings in the stores. You plant seeds in your moshling garden to attract moshlings or, if you are a paid member, you complete Super Moshi Missions to get a moshling.

How do you catch moshlings all in one go?

You can not catch all the moshlings at one time. You can only plant three seeds at a time, then wait for the flowers to grow to catch one moshling. You can get moshlings by completing Super Moshi Missions, but you can only complete one mission at a time.