Are moshlings real

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No, Moshlings are not real! Moshlings are creatures that can be caught by the Moshi Monsters in an online game called Moshi Monsters.

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Q: Are moshlings real
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Is it possible to meet real moshlings from Moshi Monsters?

Moshlings are characters in an online computer generated video game, so no, it is not possible to meet real Moshlings. However, you can meet costumed Moshlings at various events hosted by Moshi Monsters in the UK and the US.

How do you send moshlings to websites so they can become real moshlings on Moshi Monsters?

The only way to send a suggestion for new moshlings to Moshi Monsters is to watch for competitions announced in the Daily Growl. Sometimes Moshi Monsters will ask for your ideas for new moshlings and sometimes they will have a contest for designing moshlings.

What is the real code for blingo?

buy busters lost moshlings book

Can you buy moshlings on Moshi Monsters?

No. Unfortunately, the only way to get moshlings in the game is to find the correct combination of plants in your garden. But you'll find that lots of sites have the combinations for you. Moshi Monsters does sell real stuffed monsters and moshlings. Just check out their online shop!

What are port moshlings?

port moshlings are moshlings that can only be found by members.there moshlings that are only attracted be seeds bought at the port.

Do moshlings eat?

No, Moshlings do not need to be fed.

What are the codes on the moshlings for?

They are so you can get moshlings for your room.

Where do sell moshlings?

you can't sell moshlings

Do you have to feed your moshlings?

No, you do not need to feed your moshlings.

Can you sell moshlings?

No you cannot sell Moshlings.

Are the secrets real in moshi monsters?

There are secret moshlings which are just charaters in the game. There are secret codes used for playing parts of the game and yes, those are real.

How do you get master fart?

blablabla moshlings moshlings moshling

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