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Well 1st the islands name is Whirl Islands it is located on route 41 in between Cianwood City and Olivine City in Johto. Go there after you beat the kimono girls. 2nd there are 4 islands. The:

upper left,

upper right'

lower left,

and lower right.

Go in the upper right and go in then go all the way up and turn right. Go all the way (don't worry about the bumps) then go up and go down the latter. Follow the path until you get to a fork in the path. The left 1 should lead you to stairs and a bump. The right 1 should lead to a latter going down. Go down the latter. Go all the way down to the man standing in front of a path going down. Talk to him. He will say stuff and he'll move out of the way. Go down the 1st cave leads to a small room w/ a lookout there will be a pokeball there. The 2nd cave leads to Lugia.

In soul silver you will have to have the silver wing and I think the tidal bell. The girls will do a dance and Lugia will appear. Battle him and catch him. But, if you accidently defeat him all you have to do is defeat the Pokemon league and come back he'll be there.

In heart gold all you need is the silver wing. But you have to capture or defeat Ho oh. And beat the Pokemon league to get him.

I would say the best pokeballs to use would be heavy balls or a master ball.

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Q: Which island is lugia in pokemon soulsilver?
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whirl islands

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Which island? whirl islands? Cinnabar island? you catch lugia in whirl islands. you beat blaine in cinnabar island.

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On whirl island

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yes you can. but if you have Pokemon soulsilver, the first encounter will be a lugia and vice versa for ho-oh.

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Whirl Islands!

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If you mean Lugia following you, yes, it can.

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dude just go to youtube type in Pokemon soul silver how to get lugia

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A person that has SoulSilver

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Lugia is the only one.