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The Xbox 360 Elite is more reliable. The Xbox 360 Arcade is the least reliable. The Xbox 360 Premium is in the middle of reliable. There are intercoolers especially made for the Xbox 360 which reduces the chance of getting the " 3 Rings of Death." The 3 rings of death are when 3 lights on your Xbox 360 power button turn red. This happens when the motherboard (main control system) gets too hot, or overheats. The metal inside of it bends. This causes the motherboard to stop working, which in turn, completely kills your Xbox 360. Some people get really lucky, and once they turn the Xbox 360 off and back on, it starts working again. Once you get the 3 rings, the T.V will just turn black, as if you put the T.V on Aux or Video or Input to play your game, but didn't turn it on. If you shut your Xbox 360 off and turn it back on, the rings will do what they normally do (turn on and off in a circle one time, then flash and fade out), but then the 3 red lights will turn on. When you get the 3 rings of death, you can ship your Xbox 360 to Microsoft. They will repair it for $160. Once shipped, you have to wait 6 weeks to get it back. Some people put guides on how to take apart and fix the 3 rings of death problem when you get it. 97% of those guides don't work. So there you have it. Hope this helped. -Joe

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Q: Which is the most reliable xbox 360?
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