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Yes most xbox games are compatible with 360

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Q: Would slugfest 2003 for Xbox work for Xbox 360?
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Would Xbox kinnect work with an Xbox 360 from 2005?

It would work for all Xbox 360's.YES.But it doesn't work for an old XBOX ,XBOX.only 360's.

Do Xbox 360 games work on a Xbox origanal console?

No it does not work and I would not suggest it to be done.

Can xbox 360 wirless controller for windows work on xbox 360?

I would guess that if it is an 360 wireless controller, it would work on a 360.

Would an original Xbox component video cable work on an Xbox 360?


Do new Xbox 360 games work on Xbox 360?

Yes. The real question is what else would they work for?

Will an call of duty elite xbox code still work on ps3?

Why would an Xbox code work on a PS3

Do Xbox 360 games work on the ps2?

No they are for the Xbox 360 like you said, why would you think they work on a PS2

Will American Xbox games work on UK Xbox console?

yes why would they call it an xbox game if that were the case

Would an Xbox 360 fightstick work on the PS4?

No it would not, because Xbox and PlayStation are not compatible with each other.

Do Pakistan Xbox 360 games work on Australian XBox 360 consoles?

no, most of them would not work but even if they did it would be in Pakistani not English, and you can't change it.

If you bought a xbox 360 contoller in America would it work on an Australian xbox 360?


Do Xbox controllers work for Xbox 360?

No, original XBOX controllers do not work for the XBOX 360.