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super saiyan god is stronger

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Q: Which is stronger super saiyan god or super saiyan four?
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What is a super saiyan god?

A super saiyan god is the saiyan among super saiyans its in between super saiyan 3 and super saiyan 4 super saiyan god has red hair and red eyes.

Is super saiyan god real?

Yes because in the movie Battle of Gods, Goku gets to turn into super saiyan god in the movie

How many super saiyans does Goku have?

he has four super saiyan1 super saiyan 2 (otherwise known as ascended saiyan vegeta calls it that ) super saiyan 3 (which he uses to fight majin buu)an- super saiyan 4 which doesnt come til dragonball gt there are four levels but if you want technical he has a 5th wich can be considered the 4th since he fused together with vegeta to create super saiyan vegito but he also somtimes turns into gogeta so it depends hope this helps -animaze24 Yeah but since battle of gods there is more for example super saiyan god/ super saiyan blue added by - SonicTV even though this is my school email.

When does goku turn super saiyan god?

after goku summon shenron

Dragon ballz saiyan levels?

Here they are:Goku: Super Saiyan 1, 2, 3, and 4Vegeta: Super Saiyan 1, Ultra Super Saiyan(Ussj), Super Saiyan 2, and 4.Trunks: Super Saiyan 1, Ultra Super Saiyan(Ussj), and Super Saiyan 2.Gohan: Super Saiyan 1, and 2.(Though he has Ultimate Gohan form, it doesn't really count.Teen Gohan: Super Saiyan 1, and 2.Kid Gohan: He doesn't turn Super Saiyan yet.Goten: Super Saiyan 1.Broly: Legendary Super Saiyan.(The rest like 1, 2, or 3 are not shown in DBZ)Gogeta: Super Saiyan 1, and 4.Vegito: Super Vegito(Which I think counts.)

Who will win Lssj3 Broly vs Bills?

Bills.Proof: Akira stated that Super Saiyan God is stronger than a Super Saiyan 3. Means Super Saiyan God Goku is stronger than LSSJ3 Broly, Legendary or not, makes no difference.When Goku turns into a Super Saiyan 3 against Bills, Bills easily flicked him with a finger and he actually defeated him without even breaking a sweat. So if Goku, in his SSJ3 form, can't beat Bills, then there's no way Broly can have a better chance against him.(If you're one of those Broly fanboys going to justify Broly by claiming that his power's growing then it won't work and it's already stated because if Broly's power do grow, wouldn't he turn into a Super Saiyan 3 in the Movie 10, it's obvious)Not just him, even Ultimate Gohan, who is stronger than Super Saiyan 3 Goku can beat him.LSSJ3 Broly is only around Kid Buu Level, but only weaker. Kid Buu would able to beat him too.

How high do Super Saiyan levels go?

Well, it depends on the specific show of the series Z: The furthest anyone reached, saiyan wise, is Super Saiyan 3. Found out by Goku. GT: The furthest anyone ever transformed was Super Saiyan 4. Also founded by Goku. Super: Arguable, but, God Of Destruction Vegeta or Mastered Ultra Instinct Goku. {Can be argued, but the newest transformation really is G.O.D Vegeta}

In which series of DBZ goku changes into super saiyan 5?

There is no Super Saiyan 5 it is limited to 4.

Who is the most powerful on on dragon ball Z?

goku because he can go up to super saiyan god 5

Is spawn stronger than goku?

Yes Spawn stronger than Goku Because his demonic demon god and Omega spawn and goku Super Saiyan 3 and 4 weaker than spawn Spawn more powerful than Goku Goku loses Spawn will Kill Goku He Is way stronger than Goku Goku no match of Spawn

Is Dragon Ball Z battle of god is it real or fake?

IT IS REAL. It may or may NOT be dubbed in English for North America, however, it has already been released in Japan (it is english subbed). It features a new type of Super Saiyan, knows as the Super Saiyan God. So it could be that they are trying to revive The dragonball series.

Can Mario beat Goku in battle?

no way.goku just needs normal form to beat him. he would be dead with super saiyan god