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No. The god cards are stronger than Exodia.

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Q: Is exodia stronger than the god cards?
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Who is stronger the egiptiyan gods or exodia?

The god cards are stronger than Exodia

Who is stronger the Egyptian god cards or exodia?

technically you can't even use the Egyption god cards in a duel... so technically Exodia... because you can't get much better than an instant victory

Is exodia a god card?

No, none of the five Exodia cards are considered god cards. They are not illegal in any form of play, they are Limited.

Who is stronger exodia or the 3 Egyptian god cards?

this is the stupidest question i have ever head. so here a yugioh lesson for you:if you have all five pieces of exodia in your hand you automaticly win the duelthe only way the destrorey exodia is to destorey one peice of the five cards

Is Mewtwo stronger than Exodia?

Well, that is a strange question because Exodia is from Yu-Gi-Oh, and Mewtwo is from Pokemon, but anyway:--Exodia is a giant Egyptian god but --Mewtwo is a Pokemon with levitation abilities and is psychic.So I'd have to say Exodia. He could probably beat Mewtwo to a pulp.

Where are people on Yugioh spirit caller I cant find anyone?

its the god cards man. or exodia

Who wins when Jaden Yugi and Yugi Moto duel?

Yugi would! He has Egyptian god cards AND Exodia! Exodia instantly wins when on the field!EGYPTIAN GOD CARDS!

Can a god card defeat exodia?

In the anime series yes because Exodia's power relied on Shimon (or Yugi's grandpa 5000 years ago) so a god card has way more power than a human being. In the TCG/OCG no because if your opponent has all three Egyptian God Cards on the field and you have the 5 pieces of Exodia in your hand you win the Duel because Exodia's effect does not change no matter what card your opponent has on his/her field.

Could you see a picture of all four of the god cards?

There is are THREE god cards unless you include exodia as a god card.And you can easily find a picture of obelisk,slifer,and ra on the internet.

What is exodia the forbidden one attack power?

Infinity and defensive infinity also it's special ability is automatically a win that is why his attack power and defensive power are both infinity. He is way more powerful than the Egyptian god cards.

Who is stronger than Kane?

god and undertaker

What is the stongest yu gi oh card there is?

Exodia , but if you have all three god cards you can get slifer the sky dragon, winged dragon of ra to be sacrificed and the power goes into obelisk the tormentor and they become invincible.