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sun god in easy it costs 17000 coins

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Q: In btd4 what is the final upgrade for super monkey?
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In btd4 what is the final upgrade for monkey ace?

operation dart storm is the final upgrade for monkey ace it shoots dart twice as often as usaul

In btd4 what does sun god super monkey do?

The final upgrade for super monkeys is it has an almost continuous stream of sun rays firing that will pop anything in its path, pops 3 bloons at once costs 17000

What is the first upgrade of the Dart Monkey in BTD4?

Peircing Darts $120

What are all the final upgrade for btd4?

Dart monkey Triple Shot, tack shooter Ring of Fire, boomerang thrower Lightsabre Thrower, bomb tower Moab Mauler, ice tower Artic Wind, mortar tower Mortar Battery, glue gunner Glue Splatter, monkey beacon Monkey Storm, monkey ace Operation Dart Storm, monkey buccaneer Battleship, monkey wizard Tempest Tornado, Super monkey Sun God, banana farm Research facility. Dartling Gun PINEAPPLE PLASMA SUN GOD.

What is the first tower you get access to in BTD4?

the monkey tower

Is there a monkey nuke on BTD4?

shut up idiot

What is the Bomb Tower's second upgrade in BTD4?

Longer Range

What is the last upgrade for the dartling gun in btd4?

the last upgrade is laser cannon.on easy it is priced at 12000this is true

What is the first tower you have access to in BTD4?

You have access to the dart monkey first.

What is the best thing to buy in btd4?

Best map ever is monkey temple - build 40 towers or more and get at least 30,000 dollars. Then it will ask you to sacrifice that much and sun god temple will activate. It will kill almost anything instantly. Not a hack. You should regain the money in a couple of rounds. Temple is 5x as good as sun god. Upgrade super monkey until you reach sun god for the best tower. Next best would be monkey apprentice. Upgrade until you get sorceress that makes lightning tornadoes.

How do you unlock monkey temple btd4 on iphone?

13 wins,any difficulty on different tracks(13 medals)

What is the first tower you get in BTD4?

The Dart Monkey...He throws darts... obviously, and if you are playing an updated BTD4, you also start with the Dartling Gun... not sure if it's called that. But if your asking for the FIRST TOWER YOU UNLOCK then it's the Tack Shooter.