What is the fifth challange on BTD4?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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5 red bloons, 20 blue bloons.

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Q: What is the fifth challange on BTD4?
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What is the first challange you get in BTD4?

14 red bloons

What is the second challange on BTD4?

30 red bloons.

What is the fourth challange on BTD4?

30 red bloons, 15 blue bloons

What is the third challange on BTD4?

20 Red bloons,5 blue bloons. Blue bloons pop into red bloons when hit.

What is the sixth challange on BTD4?

15 red bloons, 15 blue, and 4 green. Green bloons pop into blue bloons when hit.

What is the fifth challenge in BTD4?

5 red bloons and 20 blue bloons

Can btd4 expansion be hacked?

It is not possible for BTD4 expansion or BTD4 to be hacked. However, I found a cheat that requires rank 32 and BTD4 expansion but only works in BTD4

Are their cheats for btd4 expansion?

Save a game on the regular BTD4 and then resume the game on BTD4 expansion. Play a few levels. Save it and then resume it on the regular BTD4. It should be a different track with the towers in the exact same area.

How do you get btd4 in school?

in google you type in btd4 for kids at school and search at the bottom of the screen

What is one money cheat for btd4?

1.) Go to btd4 expansion 2.) Choose any map to play on and play on "deflation mode" (Rank 32 required) 3.) Save RIGHT AWAY! 4.) Go to btd4 5.) In the btd4 menu, press "resume game".

What website has btd4 prehacked?

How do you spell challange?

The correct spelling is "challenge."