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Bedrock is indestructable under normal circumstances. It can't be destroyed by mining or by explosions, only removed in creative mode or by an admin. Obsidian on the other hand can't be damaged by explosions, but it can be mined.

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Q: Which is harder in Minecraft Obsidian or Bedrock?
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How long deos it take to mine bedrock with a diamond pick in minecraft?

You cannot mine bedrock, it is indestructible. If you instead meant obsidian, then 15 seconds.

What is a the strongest common block in minecraft?

Bedrock is the most common but it is not obtainable in survival mode. Next to bedrock there is obsidian which can be made with water and lava so there is basically an infinite amount. Obsidian is explosive resistant and lava resistant. You need a diamond pickaxe to mine obsidian and it can take some time.

How do you make a obsidian gate in minecraft?

i don't think it's possible because pistons can't push or pull (with sticky pistons) obsidian and bedrock.( i tried to do it to make a bank vault)

Can you break bedrock in Minecraft?

you cannot break bedrock in minecraft it is not possible

What building block doesn't blow up when using TNT in minecraft?

In survival: Bedrock, ancient debris, obsidian, crying obsidian, End portal frames, End portal, End Gateway, enchanting tables, command blocks, barriers, borders, respawn anchor, block of netherite, anvil, and ender chests can't be blown up by unmodified TNT.

Does anything explode obsidian in Minecraft?

Nothing can explode obsidian up to minecraft 1.2.5

Does bedrock block lava Minecraft?

Yes, bedrock will block lava.

Can you mine obsidian with a hoe in minecraft?

No. Only a Diamond Pickaxe can mine obsidian.

What do you use to break dig through bedrock on minecraft?

Well, bedrock is unbreakable in Minecraft, unless you use mods or creative. Bedrock has a blast resistance of 18,000,000. And no TNT can break that. So far, there is no way to break bedrock in UNmodded survival

Can obsidian be mined with a gold pick in minecraft?

You need a Diamond pickaxe to mine Obsidian.

Can bedrock be destroyed by dynamite in minecraft creative?

No. Even though the player can destroy bedrock in Creative mode, it doesn't let dynamite destroy it. Blocks have a statistic to show how easily they can be destroyed by explosions. Cobblestone is the most resistant one that can still be destroyed by it. Above that is Obsidian and Bedrock, which can't be. This still applies in creative mode, which is why it can't be blasted away with TNT.

Is bedrock harder than diamond?

No. From its Wikipedia entry about bedrock: "In stratigraphy, bedrock is consolidated rock underlying the surface of a terrestrial planet, usually the Earth." Diamond rates as 10 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness -- the highest rating. It is harder than any other mineral, which would compose bedrock.