Does bedrock block lava Minecraft

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Yes, bedrock will block lava.

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2013-01-23 09:00:47
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Q: Does bedrock block lava Minecraft
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what block is impossible to break in minecraft?


What is the hardest block in Minecraft?

The hardest block in Minecraft is bedrock. It is completely unbreakable unless on creative mode.

How do you destroy the hardest block in minecraft?

you can't destroy bedrock

What is the best block in minecraft?

Bedrock, Block of Diamond

What is a the strongest common block in minecraft?

Bedrock is the most common but it is not obtainable in survival mode. Next to bedrock there is obsidian which can be made with water and lava so there is basically an infinite amount. Obsidian is explosive resistant and lava resistant. You need a diamond pickaxe to mine obsidian and it can take some time.

What is the ID for Lava?

The Minecraft block ID for lava is 10 or 11 for stationary and flowing lava respectively.

How do you dump lava on minecraft?

right click on a block while holding a bucket of lava.

How do you dig past bedrock to lava in minecraft?

with out modding, bedrock is invincible. there is no lave below it just the void. There is nothing there but air. it also kills you. But you can find lava around the bedrock on level 5 to 25 or so is usually a good place to look.

What happens if you mix lava and water together in Minecraft?

When water meets a lava 'block', the lava is converted into an obsidian block. If water meets 'flowing' lava then the lava is turned into cobblestone.

Why can i not mine a block in minecraft?

If you can't mine any block, it's a bug. Otherwise, you might be trying to mine bedrock, which is indestructable.

Is there anyway to make a lava block in minecraft?

You can't MAKE one, but you can collect lava with buckets.

Can you break bedrock in Minecraft?

you cannot break bedrock in minecraft it is not possible

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