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Tzharr-Ket-Om, would be the better of the two.

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Q: Which is better tzhaar-ket-em or tzhaar-ket-om in runescape?
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Yea runescape is the funest. Runescape is better than funorb

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Runescape. There are more features.

Is there RuneScape 2?

runescape 2 is the current runescape runescape 1 is also refered to as runescape classic look it up on wikipedia for a better understanding.

Is RuneScape better than Maplestory?

A lot better.

Where can you find an online RPG game like Runescape but better?

Runescape with membership.

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It wont be, Runescape 2 will be the latest, they already have even better graphics, they only made runescape 2 in place of classic to make it look more better.

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Runescape is much better than Club Penguin, there's a lot more to do.

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yes i believe runescape is much better (not to dis dragonfable, its a great game too), runescape might take a while to get used to, but when you do it's alot of fun.