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Runescape. In Sherwood Dungeon, you're confined to little islands, and the monsters are just differently colored monsters of the same type. In Runescape, you get a huge world, and the monsters are all differently designed.

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Q: Which is better sherwood or RuneScape?
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Name a game like runescape no email?

Maidmarian - sherwood You don't even need an account it saves it on your IP. It's a great game and its like Runescape.

Is there an online game where you make a person and be that person beside runescape?

Sherwood RPG Maplestory Wind Slayer

Is RuneScape better then funorb?

Yea runescape is the funest. Runescape is better than funorb

Which is better slashscape or RuneScape?


What game is better adventurequest or runescape?


Games just like RuneScape?

Really there are no games exactly like runescape. It is a commonly asked is there a game like it and there is not. runecape is popular because it is mostly free and you do not have to download it. It has it advantages and disadvantages because most games you have to download and it lags the computer. I suggest sherwood forest it is really bad but it is better then most games out there.

What is better RuneScape or rumble fighter?

Runescape. There are more features.

When did Sherwood Dungeon come out?

to be honest i dont know i checked its website for you but that sead nothing any way i prefer runescape you should play that

Is there RuneScape 2?

runescape 2 is the current runescape runescape 1 is also refered to as runescape classic look it up on wikipedia for a better understanding.

Does anyone play these games and if so what is your username on Gaia or Sherwood mmorpg or runescape or wajas or club Marian?

well mi m8tes account on runescape is batter8 lol. thanks. ok, i deleted the password from this page though because he might not want other people knowing his password. KADIS ANSWER on gaia I'm candalope and on sherwood I'm Ploo i am mdmshrk on

What are some good mmorpg games that you do NOT have to download?

uh 1.runescape it installs butdoesn't download and 2.roblox it doesn't download either it just installs and no installing isn't the same thing as downloading Sherwood dungeon is completely free and no download or insallation at all and its better than runescape :) There is also Adventure Quest Worlds and Adventure Quest on Battleon

Is RuneScape better than Maplestory?

A lot better.