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Q: Which is better leafeon or roserade?
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What Pokemon is better Lanturn Ampharosor or Roserade?

Roserade but it depends on your team...

What should I get Roserade or Luxray?

luxray is way better than a roserade

What are the best grass Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond besides Torterra?

I'm not shore but check on the website --- Roserade is a good grass Pokemon which i used. You get it by evolving Roselia using a shiny stone. You can also use Leafeon i suppose by levelling up Eevee near the moss stone in Eterna forest :) yeah Roserade and Leafeon are really cool... i have both lvl hundred but in my PC. What is so pitful is that you can only get Eevee in the aftergame >.>

Is torterra or leafeon better?

Torterra is waaayyy awesumber!

What is better a roserade or a togekiss platinum?

a togekiss is it is stronger and rarer

Which is better Tangrowth or Roserade?

Roserade is at least one hundred times better than Tangrowth. Roserade is a superior lead, capable of causing a 75% guaranteed Sleep on the opposing lead (Focus Sash and Sleep Powder). Also Roserade is an amazing sweeper when equipped with a Choice Scarf or Specs. Roserade is also very easy to obtain, making it a good candidate to catch one of good anture to EV Train and so use on your team, an added bonus.

What does roserade look like?

Roserade looks like a short masked lady with a red and a blue rose instead of hands. For a better description, refer to the related links tab for this question.

Where do you find roserade evolve?

roserade is the last evolution. to get a roserade you use a shiny stone on a roselia.

What is the easiest way to beat snowpoint city gym leader with a level 53 torterra with no magic leaf?

catch a new pokemon like abomasnow with grass moves or rapidash or ponyta not evolved but is past evolve lvl and roserade or leafeon

What is the best team to defeat the elite four in Pokemon pearl?

honchkrow/staraptor (aaron), infernape/rapidash (aaron), leafeon/roserade/torterra (bertha), empoleon/floatzel (flint), honchkrow/spiritomb (lucian), glaceon/abomasnow (cynthia's garchomp)

How do you evolve roserade in Pokemon diamond?

Roserade does not evolve.

How do you evolve leafeon?

You cannot evolve Leafeon.