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Q: Which is better Blastoise or Blaziken?
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Which is better Venusaur or Blastoise?


My best Pokemon are Rayquaza Metagross Lucario snivie Blastoise Infernape blaziken rayque and deoxys?

You have a pretty good set of Pokémon!

Where to catch Blaziken in Pokemon indigo?

For one, you can not catch a Blastoise you must restart the game until you somehow end up with a shiny squirtle and after train and evolve it into a shiny blastoise. Chances:1-8000 or something like that

Who is better Charizard, Blastoise, or Venusaur?

In this case, Blastoise is the best. Charizard has a better advantage against Venusaur because Charizard is a Fire Type and Venusaur is a Grass Type. Still, he has no chance against Blastoise because he is a Fire Type and Blastoise is a Water Type, so overall, Blastoise is the best.

What level does Blitzel evolve at?

blazeken doesnt evolve but combusken evovles into blaziken at lv 36

What level does torchic evolve?

it evolves at 16 and into blaziken at 36 but sceptile is better but doesent matter blaziken is strong. heck yay blaze is the best

Which is better Blastoise or Swampert?

Definitely Swampert. It only has one weakness, ice which can be beaten with a super-effective hammer arm and Blastoise has only one type and not nearly as diverse a move set. Plus, Swampert is so dang cool and good at battle frontier and gyms.

Who is better Blaziken or Swampert?

Swampert, just by a tiny bit. Hope I helped! :)

How do you get Blastoise in Pokemon diamond?

Blaziken does not appear in the wild in any game, unless you cheat, hack or trade it. To get Blaziken in Pokémon Emerald, choose Torchic as your starter, and evolve it into Combusken, then Blaziken. It evolves into Combusken at Level 16, then into Blaziken at Level 36.

What is the best three Pokemon team?

Team 1 are INFERNAPE,EMPOLEON,TORTERRA. Team 2 is ENTEI,SUICUNE,RAIKU,MOLTRES,ARTICUNO,and ZAPDOS. Team 3 is charizard,blastoise,venusuar,blaziken,swampert, and sceptile

Blaziken or Infernape?


Good Pokemon team?

A good Pokemon team starts with a good trainer, This is my team Venasaur-( my favorite ) Charizard Sceptile Blastoise Swampert Blaziken My team is: Scizor Gallade Milotic Arcanine Tyranitar Torterra Jelk jelk