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None of them, you need to trade to get some, and some need to be traded to evolve.

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Q: Which game has all the Pokemon in it?
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What if you get all Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

then you beat the game

Which Pokemon game can you get all the Pokemon without trading?

none because even i couldn't get all the Pokemon in any Pokemon game only by trading or cheating

Can you play Pokemon ranger shadow of alima after you finish the game?

all game yes but when you have all the Pokemon is not possible

Is there a glitch to get all the Pokemon in the game?

No, there isn't a glitch to get all the Pokemon in the games.

Is Pokemon a good game?

It is the best game of all, first you get to choose a Pokemon then catch these defrent Pokemon and fight other people and also It IS THE BEST GAME OF ALL TIME<>

How do you get all 493 Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond without an action reply or game shark?

You can buy the game Preloaded with all 493 Pokemon at:

What happens when you catch all the Pokemon in Pokemon Blue?

If you manage to catch all 151 Pokemon, you have to go to the Pokemon game designer team in celadon city. there you can get yourself the Pokemon diploma. Basically, the pokemon diploma has no use in the game at all.

How do you catch all Pokemon on one game?

It is not possible to catch all Pokemon on one game, however, you can obtain all of them by trading and cheating.

A cheat to get all the PokΓ©mon in PokΓ©mon ruby?

In any pokemon game there is no cheat even on action replay where you can get all pokemon only on gameshark where you can mod the game to get all pokemon

What Pokemon game is mew on?

all of them i have it on all of mine

What is the stuppidest Pokemon game for game-boy?

All of them are stupid!!!

What happen if you complette all the Pokemon in Pokemon silver?

you beat the game that's all there is!!!

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