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No matter what game of Pokemon you play to get all the starters you have to trade with the other versions.

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Q: How do you get all starters in Pokemon LeafGreen?
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Where can you catch a bulbsaur in Pokemon LeafGreen?

All starters, including Bulbasaur, can't be caught in Pokemon LeafGreen.

How do you get all three starters in pokemon leafgreen without trading?

It is not possible to get all three starters in Pokemon LeafGreen without trading. This was an intended mechanic to encourage interaction between players.

Who are the starters in Pokemon LeafGreen?

it is bulbasaur ,squirtle, and charmender

How do you get all three starters on Pokemon fire red?

You must trade with another firered or leafgreen.

Is there a way to get all starters without trading in LeafGreen?

No, you can only get all starters without trading in Pokemon yellow, but Leaf Green is a newer version of Pokemon green, so it's impossible.

What is the gameshark code for all 3 starters in Pokemon LeafGreen?

emerald isn't on there

How do you get the johto starters in pokemon LeafGreen?

No way you can't get a johto starter Pokemon in Pokemon leafgreen. The only way is to trade with someone to get it.

How do you get Kantos starters in Pokemon diamond?

Just migrate from the past games Pokemon leafgreen/firered or ruby/Sapphire/emerald. Then you will have them all.

What are the best Pokemon to beat the elite 4 with on Pokemon LeafGreen?

all level hundred starters,than lvl hundred ledgendaries.

What are the starters on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Bulbasaur, charmander and squirtle. like in Pokemon fire red

Can you get Mewtwo as starter in Pokemon LeafGreen?

No. The starters are: Bulbasaur Charmander Squirtle

How do you get 3 Jhoto starters in Pokemon LeafGreen?

you can get them by either filling all your pokedex in emerald and talk to professor birch and then migrating them or AR.