Is there a Pokemon game on PSP?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, there isn't a Pokemon game available for the PSP. All Pokemon games are strictly made for Nintendo devices only. Since PSP is made by Sony, no Pokemon game will ever be on it.

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Q: Is there a Pokemon game on PSP?
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How you download Yoshi island game for psp?

It's on the PSN, you access it from the PSP menu.

How can you play Pokemon LeafGreen on a psp?

Pokemon was made by the Nintendo company not sony therefore there will never be a Pokemon game for psp ps2 or ps3

Is there a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game for the Sony PSP?

Pokemon games are typically released on Nintendo games consoles. As such, there are no Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games for the Sony PSP.

How do you put pokemon emarald on PSP?

The emerald cartridge is for the game boy advance The psp uses cds It is not possible for emerald to work on a psp

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon Diamond to Pokemon platanim?

Yes you can. If it is for game boy advance you have to use the trading cable.(can be found in video game stores) For PSP use wireless trading. For psp i am not quite sure. but i hope this helps

How do you trade Pokemon in PSP to PSP?

sorry but there is no Pokemon on psp

Is there a game of Pokemon in the PSP?

no way you wouldn't see it even once

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl psp game download cso?

there isn't

How do i play my Pokemon game cartridges on psp?

not possible, Pokemon games are only compatible with Nintendo products.

Is there Pokemon on PSP?

No. Pokemon is for Nintendo products. Not Sony. If you saw it on a psp, the psp was hacked with an emulator.

Is Pokemon Black and White a psp game also?

No Nintendo ownes the rights to Pokemon so it will only ever be on the nds.

How do you play Pokemon on a PSP?

i want to play pokemon games on psp