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Pokemon was made by the Nintendo company not sony therefore there will never be a Pokemon game for psp ps2 or ps3

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Q: How can you play Pokemon LeafGreen on a psp?
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How do you play Pokemon on a PSP?

i want to play pokemon games on psp

What do you do in Pokemon LeafGreen now?

Play Pokemon.

How do you play Pokemon colloseum on psp?

You can't because pokemon colosseum is for nintendo gamecube not psp

CAN you play Pokemon in a psp?


How do you get a Kingdra in pokemon leafgreen?

Play More

Can you play Pokemon LeafGreen now?

if you have the game

Can you transfer Pokemon from one psp rom to another for example move a Pokemon form Firered to Emerald or Leafgreen?

There are no PKMN games on psp and if there are,its hacked or cheated. you can transfer PKMN from FireRed,LeafGreen,Ruby,Sapphire,Emerald on GBA or GBSP to each other or to Coloseum and XD:Gale Of Darkness on Gamecube or Wii but not on/to/from PSP ROM

How do you play Pokemon games on my psp?

u cant play Pokemon games at all on psp,PS,ps2,or ps3. because Play Station is not made by Nintendo.

Where can you play pokemon leafgreen online?

eBay or amazon.

Is there any Pokemon games in psp?

No, there is not any Pokemon games for PSP because Pokemon is made for Nintendo. The PSP is made for Sony. So if you want to play Pokemon you would have to buy a gameboy or a DS.

How do you play Pokemon LeafGreen on your computer?

First download Visualboy Advance Emulator, then download Pokemon Leafgreen version ROM and load it with Visualboy Advance.

Can you trade Pokemon LeafGreen with Pokemon LeafGreen?

Yes you can trade leafgreen version Pokemon to another leafgreen version.