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You can play any GBA (GameBoy Advance) on a DS and a DS lite not a dsi

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Q: Can you play Pokemon LeafGreen on ds?
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Can you play Pokemon LeafGreen on the internet?

No. Only Nintendo DS GAMES can do that!

Is Pokemon LeafGreen for DS?

no it its not its only for game boy advanced but you can play it in the bottom slot of the ds

Can you link diamond and Pokemon LeafGreen?

Yes put leafgreen in the GBA slot in your DS and put Diamond in the DS Slot play Diamond and choose migrate to leafgreen follow the instructions then choose six Pokemon to migrate after your done go to the pal park to capture the 6 Pokemon you chose.

Can Pokemon LeafGreen communicate with Pokemon Heartgold?

The answer is no but you can trade Pokemon from if you have a DS

Do Pokemon FireRed have chimchar on pokemopn Pokemon FireRed leafgreen?

no it does not. the games for the ds will have it

Where do you find Scyther on Pokemon pearl ds?

trade from leafgreen

What do you do in Pokemon LeafGreen now?

Play Pokemon.

How do you get Pokemon LeafGreen for DS?

Pokemon leafgreen is available only for the gameboy, unless you can find a cheated version on an action replay or some such device.

How do you trade Pokemon on fire red and LeafGreen using a DS?

you can't

Are they going to be updating Pokemon LeafGreen and fire red on to the DS?

yes there will:)

Do you need Pokemon LeafGreen to catch a maby?

If you put it in your DS with D/P magbys will appear in the game only if you play D/P while it is in.

Can you play Pokemon Gold on the DS?

No, Pokemon Gold version will not work on the Nintendo DS. Pokemon Gold is a GameBoy Color game, and the Nintendo DS's GBA compatible slot only works with GBA (GameBoy Advanced) games. Even though the GBA system is compatible with Pokemon Gold, the GBA compatible slot in a Nintendo DS is not compatible with Pokemon Gold.