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You have to give Rhydon a protector item and trade it. When the trade is complete, it will evolve. (Make sure you have a trustworthy freind who also has the game so he/she can trade it back to you.) By the way, it evolves into a Rhyperior.

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Q: Which evolving stone makes rhydon evolve on Pokemon diamond?
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When does rhydon evolve on Pokemon diamond?

you have to trade it with a certain item

Who is the protector for on Pokemon diamond?

On Pokemon Diamond the Protector is a hold item for Rhydon. It is required for Rhydon to evolve into Rhyperior when traded while holding the Protector.

What level does rhydon evolve in Pokemon diamond?

Basically Rhydon doesn't evolve on a certain level. You need to have Rhydon hold a Protector and Trade it, with a another person.

What level dose rhydon evolve at on Pokemon diamond?

Rhydon evolves when you trade it while holding the Protector.

What Pokemon love the protector in Pokemon Diamond?

That Pokemon is Rhydon. Give it to him and trade him, and he will evolve into Rhypherior.

How do you get a protector to evolve Rhydon in Red?

You cannot get the protector to evolve Rhydon in Pokemon Red version, because Rhydon's ability to evolve with a protector into Rypherior is only available in the latest versions: Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. It is impossible to even get a protector in Pokemon Red version, let alone evolve Rhydon.

What is a protector in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

A Protector, when traded with Rhydon, will evolve it into Rhyperior.

When does ryhorn evolve in Pokemon diamond?

Rhyhorn evolves into Rhydon at Level 42

How do you evolve rhydon in pokemon firered?

you cant evolve rhydon in fire red because the "protector" wasn't incorperated into the games until diamond/pearl

How do you evolve rhydon on Pokemon diamond?

Trade it when it is holding a Protector. In Diamond and Pearl, this is found on Route 228.

What evoles with the protector in Pokemon diamond?

make rhydon hold the protecter and trade it then it will evolve

Pokemon LeafGreen at what level does rhydon evolve?

Rhydon, in Pokemon FR/LG, does not evolve.