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Trade it with the Protector on it

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Q: How do you evolve rhydon on Pokemon platinum?
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How do you evolve rhydon on platinum?

Rhydon evolves when the "Protector" is held and the Pokemon is traded.

How do you evolve rhydon in Pokemon platinum?

to evolve rhydon you need a protector. I think you can get one on stark mountain. Then you have to give it to Rhydon and trade with a friend.

How do you get rhydon's evolve form in Pokemon platinum?

You have to get the Moon stone.

How do you get a protector to evolve Rhydon in Red?

You cannot get the protector to evolve Rhydon in Pokemon Red version, because Rhydon's ability to evolve with a protector into Rypherior is only available in the latest versions: Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. It is impossible to even get a protector in Pokemon Red version, let alone evolve Rhydon.

How does rhyhorn evolve in Pokemon platinum?

Rhyhorn is one of the Pokemon that take a while to evolve. You have to level it up to level 42 in order for it to evolve into Rhydon. If you give Rhydon a protector and trade him, then he evolves into Rhyperior.

How does ryhdon evolve in Pokemon platinum?

To evolve rhydon you must equip it with the protector and trade it, and probably get it back.

On Pokemon platinum what level do you have to get rhydon to evolve?

You have to trade it while holding a proctector item.

What level does rhydon evolve at in Pokemon platinum?

you give rhydon the protector then you trade him to a friend then get the friend to trade him back and you have your self a rhyperior

Pokemon LeafGreen at what level does rhydon evolve?

Rhydon, in Pokemon FR/LG, does not evolve.

How do you evolve rhydon in Pokemon Gold?

Rhydon cannot evolve in Pokemon Silver/Gold/Crystal.

What level does Ryeon evolve at in Pokemon platinum?

You mean Rhydon? It evolves when you trade it while its holding a protector.

At what level does rhydon evolve into riperiere on pokemon firered?

Rhydon is not able to evolve in FireRed.