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Munna and Sigilyph.

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Q: Which Pokemon can learn hypnosis in Pokemon white and black?
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Where can you find TM hypnosis in white?

I don't think there is a TM for hypnosis in Pokemon Black or White.

Where can you find TM hypnosis in Pokemon platinum?

Unfortunately, Hypnosis is not a TM in Pokemon Black or White. You would have to get it by leveling up.

Which Pokemon can learn sing in Pokemon white and black?


Can a Pokemon learn ice burn?

currently no pokemon can learn ice burn in black or white. how ever it will be the signature move of white kyurem in pokemon white 2

Can a Dewott learn transform on Pokemon black or white?

No, Dewott cannot learn Transform.

What level does lilipup learn ember in Pokemon black or white?

Lillipup cannot learn ember.

Can flygon learn fly in Pokemon Black and White 2?

Yes, it can.

When can you start to trade Pokemon in black and white?

u can start when you have 2 Pokemon and you learn how to catch them

What Pokemon can learn surf other then Oshawa in Pokemon black or white?


What Pokemon can learn block in Pokemon white and black?

Block isn't a TM. Pokemon can only learn it as a Level up move or an Egg move.

Can Kyuren learn Freeze Bolt in Pokemon White?

Technically, this move is hidden within the game and so NO pokemon can learn it, including kyurem. However, it is highly speculated that kyurem will be able to learn it in Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2.

What moves do blitzle learn and at what levels in Pokemon white?

There are a lot of moves. I will answer soon when i have Volume 2 Pokedex guide for black and white, k? Also it stays same in pokemon black.