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Fire Pokemon

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Q: Which Pokemon are affected more by water attacks?
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Can your Pokemon know more than four attacks in Pokemon urpg?

of course not

What does the special attribute affect in Pokemon Yellow?

it gives more power to the pokemons elemental attacks. example: If you got a fire Pokemon and improves the special ability.. the pokemons fire attacks does more damage.. but attacks that arent fire does not

Is sludge bomb physical in FireRed?

Yes all poison moves are physical attacks which means the more attack a Pokemon has the more it will hurt. Though if your facing a pikachu with static and you use sludge bomb on it you will NOT be affected by static.

Do electric attacks do more damage when used by a shining Pokemon?


What is the legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond?

a leagiondary Pokemon is a Pokemon with more power than an odinary Pokemon these Pokemon also learn more powerful attacks but there is a drawback ...........they are harder to catch........dialga's easy but the others are like............

How glaciers affected Florida?

it is affected by letting in more water

Who would win yu-gi-oh or Pokemon in a battle?

Pokemon because there are more of them, they have better attacks and Ash Ketchum is the star Pokemon trainer.

What Pokemon is better chimchar piplup or turtwig?

Piplup is stronger, cuter and more loyal than turtwig and chimchar! For example, Piplup, the penguin Pokemon can use water type attacks on chimchar, and ice type moves on turtwig!

What are Pokemon cards?

they are monsters with different battle moves and types, some are pretty self explanatory mankey looks exactly like a monkey squirtle looks like a turtle. if you use a water Pokemon vs a fire Pokemon and the water attacks first it does twice the damage to the fire Pokemon. you'd get more information if you Google Pokemon card explanatory. hope i helped

What type is better Electric bug or grass Pokemon white?

well in my opinion they are all unrelated types but i would choose grass because there attacks do more damage to different types of pokemon types :ground,water,rock, etc

More attacks black tip sharks or bull sharks?

bull sharks have way more attacks (they can live in fresh water for up to 3 years)

Is soil or sand affected more by sunlight?

soil is affected more by sunlight due to it holding a higher water content.