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Pokemon because there are more of them, they have better attacks and Ash Ketchum is the star Pokemon trainer.

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Q: Who would win yu-gi-oh or Pokemon in a battle?
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Who would win a Pokemon battle Blastoise or swampert?

i think blastoise would win but it's up to you

Who would win Misty or May or Dawn in a Pokemon battle?

Dawn would triumph.

Who would win in a battle Charcolt or Arseus in Pokemon platinum?

Arceus obiously

In a Pokemon battle who would win kyogre or raquza or Groudon?

rayquaza would then groudon then kyogue

Who would win Gary Or Paul in a Pokemon battle?

Paul would lose because Gary has all evolved Pokemon and he has years of Pokemon experience.

Who would win in a Pokemon battle between Sunkern and Ledyba?

sunkern, stronger moves.

HeartGold how do you get to the frontiewr brains?

Same as in Pokemon Platinum. Battle Tower-Get a 21-Win Streak.(3 of your regular Pokemon) Battle Factory-Get a 21-Win Streak.(3 rental Pokemon) Battle Arcade-Get a 21-Win Streak.(3 of your regular Pokemon by luck of the roulette) Battle Castle-Get a 21-Win Streak.(3 of your regular Pokemon with use of Castle Points) Battle Hall-Get a 50-Win Streak.(1 of your regular Pokemon)

How do you get money in Pokemon battle arena?

battle trainners, and win

Why would an Action Replay not let you trade or battle with Deoxys on Pokemon XD?

It Will allow you to have it, but not battle with it because It was hacked in..... Because you have to win

Who is more likely to win Mewtwo or Exodia?

If they duel as it happens in yugioh and exodia gets all five pieces of himself in his hand at once, exodia. But if they were battling, like in pokemon, mewtwo would win for home advantage.

What is an easy way to win a Pokemon battle in Pokemon yellow?

try not sucking at Pokemon

Who would win in a Pokemon battle of Butterfree vs. Cubone?

Butterfree because butterfree has better stats.