Where was the PSP made from?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The PSP, or PlayStation Portable, is made by the Sony Corporation. The Sony Corporation has its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

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Q: Where was the PSP made from?
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When invented the PSP?

psp was made in 2005

How many PSP's are there?

There are four psp's, PSP-1000 (phat) that was the first one made, PSP 2000 (slim) was the second one made, PSP-3000 (brite) was the third one made, and the last one is the PSP Go (PSP-N1000) and these are all four psp's that were made.

What is the PSP made of?

PSP ( Perforated Steel Pates) are, strangely enough, made of steel.

Can you put a PSP game onto your computer?

no cuz psp games are only made for psp devices.

When will sims 3 come out on the PSP?

it will be made for psp in a few months =)

Are therepokemon games for PSP?

No because the PSP wasn't made by Nintendo.

Can the psp play ps2 and ps3 games?

No the PSP plays PSP games. The PS2 and PS3 games would be too complex to run even if a PSP version was made it has to be made with less capabilities so the PSP can run the program

What year was the psp made?

it was made in 2004

What was the PSP made out of?


Where are PSP made in?


What is better PSP street or PSP go?

psp street is better cuz psp go isnt made for gaming but psp street has a large screen wich makes it better

Is there any such thing as a gold PSP?

There are skins you can buy made custom online for the psp but there isnt an original gold psp